Pizza Menu- PH. 66555 281



Garlic Pizza Bread – $5.00

Three cheese Pizza – $5.00

Olive Tapenade & Fetta Pizza – $5.00

Classis Pizzas

9 inch – $10.00  /  12 inch – $17.00

BBQ Meat Lovers
OVH Special BBQ sauce, ham, cabanossi, salami, bacon, onion, cheese.

Tomato based sauce, ham, pineapple, cheese

Tomato based sauce, ham, cabanossi, onion, capsicum, mushrooms, olives, pineapple, peperoni, anchovies, cheese.

Tomato based sauce, onion, capsicum, pineapple, tomato, mushrooms, olives, cheese.

Peperoni Pizza
Tomato based sauce, peperoni, cheese

Kids vegemite Pizza (only in 9 inch) – $5.00
Vegemite & cheese

Gourmet Pizzas

9 inch – $13.00  /  12 inch – $20.00

Nuts in the Hen House
Nutty Satay sauce base, chicken, capsicum, onion, cheese, bacon.

The Beast
Hickory BBQ sauce, ham, cabanossi, peperoni, salami, bacon,
chicken, onion, cheese.

Twin Rivers
Sweet chilli base, prawns, calamari, onion, cheese, topped with
lime infused aioli.

Pumpkin Patch
Basil Pesto base, roast pumpkin, onion, baby spinach, fetta, pine nuts, cheese.

Phone orders taken.(66555281) Delivery not available.
Surcharge applies for extra toppings & half /half pizzas (half/half in 12’ only)

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